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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes ! We did it ! Hooters Gathering on Apr 2nd !

It was an informal gathering and we had 13 of us attending - thanks to Alan spearheading this effort. YES, 13 THIRTEEN and if you have been following our discussion thread at our discussion group @ - so go there and sign up to know why there were 13 of ACS BOYS ! ..... yes it appears we always have a mystery female guest in our gathering for 2009 starting with the annual gathering earlier this year ... hmmm this might be a trend going forward. Yup we got the Hooter's Host to be in our group photo - Evelyn is her name; "Yes we were there". Click on the photo to see the Album

Join us for the next gathering, we try to have small gathering every quarter at the very least ! Our next event is a small group of us were talking about keeping fit and put together a bike ride session on Apr 9th at ECP park connector. Click on the RSVP to know more details.

Discussion on the next event .... Bangkok nite, Bintan Nite ..... wait and hear from the organizers.

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