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Monday, March 16, 2009

Who the heck is she?!!

Excuse me! Are u a model? Well I must admit it ... When she first contacted me & showed me her photos ... I drooled ;-)

Then it struck me .... Was she one of the KC girls from 81? Wow! Sounds like Sarath's dream for the next reunion is coming true! ;-)

Then she revealed more about herself I was really surprised that she knew sooo much about us! Yes, the guys of ACSS81! How so?

Well ... I can reveal that she also dated some of you. ;-)

I suggest that we all make a guess as to who she is. Prize for getting this right? I'll buy a round of drinks .... errr no ... make that dinner for the person with the correct answer!

Okie now ... where shall we claim that prize? Well, I've got the perfect place. One where the idea was shelved for our last gathering .... one where the name would make our wives lock us up in the room and throw away the keys!

So how about that guys? The race to the right answer is ON!

I suggest that we have this gathering at Hooters on Thurs evening on 2 Apr 09.

Are we good for that? In any case ... this will be an informal gathering, so whoever can make it do pop-over. Just drop me an email and let me know if u are coming, ok? That way, we can make a reservation for a table or two ;-)


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Unknown said...

so finally can u please tell me the answer, who is she?

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