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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trap Shooting

As discussed during our recent meet-up, just wondering if anyone might be interested in trap shooting? Since many of us have served national service, this hobby/sport might interest some of you.

Trap shooting is done with a Beretta double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun (see photo) and the target is a 4 inch wide clay "pigeon" painted in orange paint.. it's like shooting a flying bird and the target is never stationary. This sport will challenge your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Trap shooting is relatively inexpensive and if there is interest, I can organize a group shoot.

The shoot will be held at the Singapore Gun Club located at Rifle Range road. First-timers are required to pay $65 for the following:
a) one-time safety briefing & instruction - $25
b) gun rental & insurance - $20
c) box of 25 cartridges - $20
If you want to shoot more rounds, you can purchase them at $20 per box.

In future when you return for another shoot, you just rent the gun at $20 and pay for cartridges at $20 per box (25 rounds). This ought to be cheaper than golf. The weight of the gun is approx 4kg (abt same as M16 rifle) with similar recoil. Women and children age 12 & above can also take part in this olympic sport which is very safe.

Please register your interest to me (Billy Tan) and let's make this a new and interesting way to meet old friends. You can read more about it at

Billy Tan

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