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Monday, February 2, 2009

Do I know you? Are you from ACS?

Seems that Fabian was first on the scene. It was already 5.50pm, but I was still on a conference call at the office. :(

When I arrived at the Guild House at 6.30 I was excited to see a small group gathered around a table at the bar having a drink or two.

Soon we were out on the patio with a buffet spread of soup & salad, scallops, beef, lamb & fish and to top it off ... dessert! While we had the food and the chit-chat, I'd like to add a BIG thank you to Sarath for getting conned by a pretty girl (honourary member of ACSS81), who then bought a bottle of Highland Park Single Malt whiskey for all of us! In my opinion ... it was pretty smooth ... on the rocks ... err the whiskey ... not the girl nor my marriage! ;-)

For the record, the remaining 1/2 bottle is in Gordon's name. It's safely kept at the Guild House cabinet :-P
So ... if n e one needs a drink ... go pull Gordon along!

Well ... for me, the most memorable phrase that was heard that night was Bernard Gunara's "Do I know you? Are you from ACS?" ! Here is one man, whenever he bumps into someone familiar, looks at him and asks, "Do I know you? Are you from ACS?".

Then again, the other conversation that went around was, "I thot we had a poll and Hooters won? Why did we end up here at the Guild House??!!!"

Seems that many of you were disappointed at not meeting up at Hooters .... but during the gathering, a quick straw poll indicated that we shoud have a reunion with the KC girls of 91 ... if they reject us, we'll ask the KC girls of 81 (I won't say who suggested this cos I don't want to get Sarath in trouble). How bout that? ;-)

So, for the next gathering, we are seriously looking for suggestions :)

This year, we managed to contact more than 30 of you. Many send their apologies due to last minute demand in their work or personal life. The official turnout stands at 29. Thank your for coming and making this event memorable.

So, until we meet again, let us continue to "Echo the sound of ACS forever!"

Alan Fu on behalf of
Wei Siong, Fabian, Timo & Purdy (in absentia)

PS: For those who did not recieve any of these invites, do register in the acss81 googlegroup. We'll be in touch. We promise ... Say No to SPAM!

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