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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kiss & Tell ...

Oh well ... how can I resist this temptation .. a tell-all after the night we had a Hooters! The drinks were cool, the atmosphere was electrifying and ALL the Hooter girls - hot and hotter! ;-P

I simply have to add that our "new" found friend in Neja was hot enought to melt some of the other Hooter Girlz! ;-)

In all we were glad to have a total of 13 who turned up that night. It was ad-hoc and yet managed to have a pretty (yes yes ... pun intended!) good time. A few last minute calls and these guys dropped what they were doing and headed straight to Clarke Quay. I know at least one of them called home to say "Honey, I won't be able to make it for dinner tonight. Something's come up!" (yes! got me there .. another pun.)

We had Bufflao platters, Bullalo wings, wine and beer. If that didn't lift our spirits up ... nothing else would. Even though it was past bedtime for some (errr 10pm) we still didn't want to leave the place.

So for those who didn't make the cut to join us the evening of 2 Apr ... I'd like to say we had 2 newcommers (ie never-been-kissed) who joined our gathering, Neja and Paul Sung.

Thank you all for making it happen. ;-)

Now ... by a strange turn of events ... I had an email from "Mad Love" with a subject "Old photos"! Aparently Mad ... or shud I call u Lurrv or just "Honey"? .... had me wondering, even worried ... old photos of my ex? Photos of me in compromising positions? (in my dreams!)

Turned out they are old photos of ACPS 3F, 4F and ACSS 4D. Now ... b4 I reveal who Mad Love is ... it is your guess!

Cheers & till the next time - Bye!
Alan Fu
PS: I will get Fabian to add the ACPS photos on ok?

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