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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hooray for Tao Li!!!

Tao Li has made us proud!

She broke the asian and national record for 100m butterfly in 57.54sec ... well done.

She unfortunately did not do as well in the finals this morning ... clocking in at 57.99 ... but I think it is just the pressure and also the enormity of her having to do better afer such a feat!

In some cases, athletes are pumped by their adrenalin in the finals to do better ... but in some cases ... they peaked too early ... maybe that's what happend to our dear Tao Li.

Interesting note as I read some webpages ... that she being China born should not deserve our praises or even our recognition shud she win the medal. :( I find this debate rather stale, and will not go into that at all.

Actually what really got me to writing this blog was reading that Tao Li was first a member of APSC (Ang Peng Siong) and then switched to SAC (David Lim). Both her coaches were old boys ;-) ... there u have it ... da link!

There were some shady story behind that move, but I shall not go into that ... after all ... it is water under the bridge. :)

Back to Tao Li ... I wish her well. She's only 18. In 4 yrs let's hope she'd have peaked and able to win a medal for Singapore! She needed to shave off a 0.29sec from her personla best and she'd be neck n neck for the Bronze today.

As for now, our medal hopes rest on Li Jia Wei our Table Tennis wonder!

Till then ... au revoir!

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