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Monday, September 29, 2008

Echo Magazine Oct 2008!!!

Hey y'all ...

I have done a cut and paste of the "article" on this blog and sent it to Blueskies ;-)

They are the ones who publish the Echo Magazine ... err ... ok ... I din really cut and paste ... but did a bit of editing too.

Well ... the magazine editor further edited the aritcle ... gee! he thinks he can write better then I? How can that be?!!? ... ok ... frankly he does ;-) That's why he's the editor and I'm just the mad ACSian ranting about the night we had in Feb :-D

n e ways ... for those of you with sons in the ACS schools .... be sure to pester them when they get home with the copy of Echo Oct/Nov ... becos all yr photos will be there. And ... for those who don't have kids in ACS ... u should get that via the mail as members of the OBA (and I don't mean the

So ... look out and have a good one, yah?

Alan Fu

PS: btw ... if any of our teachears happen to visit this blog ... or cohorts of '81 who are teachers themselves - I wish all of u a Happy Teachers' Day!

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