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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boh Beh Chao (No Horse Run) Lo Hei @ Loy Sum Juan

Hey all you Class of 81s!

The time has come again for the gathering to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse ... not the red horse (Ferrari) ... but if u do drive one ... gimme a ride ok?

Loy Sum Juan
28 Murray Terrace #01-01
Lobby B
Singapore 079532 

We meet at 7pm and give the fish salad a toss for Good Health and Prosperity for the year.

It'll be another time to get together to chat on old days and meet friends we have not seen in AGES!

For a start, we have 2 virgin attendees - Victor Kong and Edwin Ng Eik Hui ... both making their return from the US of A :)

So c'mon by and say "hi" to the gang, we are looking forward to meeting up.

To register yr interest, pls logon to Facebook and accept the invite :)

But I guess there are the old-school and the ones who don't use  FB, I would think that the alternative would be SMS and WhatsApp? So ... do text me at +65-91845909 or anyone of the committee members:
Jack San
Vin Sen
Simon Wong
Eric Tang Kok Wah
Vik Lim & our new addition 
Alan Cheong ;-)

ACSS Class of 81

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