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Friday, February 18, 2011

15meh! (aiyah ... Chap Gor Meh lah!)

We didn’t take any photos last night…so here’s a picture of the sweet young thang that served as fodder to the pack of hungry wolves men at last night’s dinner…still cute hor?

It was all very spur of the moment…a dinner affair that was hastily put together while Jack and I chatted about our love sex lives … yes, our Jackman has a new side piece, and it ain’t me … :-(

I was looking like an Ang Pow a Stepford Wife in a RED dress … (Excuse me, it’s CNY and OK to wear Red) when Jack escorted me into RED STAR! Billy was already there. Alan aka Chatboy (really?) and Simon sauntered in gay-ly a moment later. Mr White (aka Jeff Lim Chong Kee) was there with his family and joined us briefly…Guys, if you remember, he was also there when we gathered at Kent Ridge last year…too much of a coincidence, duncha think?…could it be he’s stalking one of us? Come to think of it, he was kinda giving me the eye…(I wish…hehe)

Vin Sen couldn’t make it cause he has to conduct a sex-ed class. Fabian, David & Edward had to cancel when they suddenly remembered they had to spend Chap Gor Meh with their families … so that left the “homeless” 5 to partake in the CNY Lo Hei experience … actually, there was more Lo then Hei as we decided not to order the yusheng since some of us had it for lunch earlier. The small number lent a cosy and intimate feel to the evening, and I’m liking it cause I got to spend quality time with a bunch of my favorite guys…☺

While Chatboy prodded my piece (commented that it was very unresponsive) and exhorted me to touch his thingy … Simon dreamed about freshly caught fish steamed to perfection. The love-sick Jack played AC/DC sappy love songs in his head and longed for Xanadu (so gay!)…and Billy lamented the demise of our buffet days. True, true… these days, we are more a la carte than all-you-can-eat! Gone are the days that I can actually eat 5 Big Macs or an entire large pizza is a single sitting … (although I wonder why I’ve been looking kinda tubby lately…)

Dun ask me how, but the topic suddenly changed to FUTSAL (WTF?)…I wiki’ed it at home and found out (to my dismay) that I have apparently agreed to play some kind of “small-scale football”. (I was in Primary 3 the last time I played…but was kicked off the team for throwing the ball “like a girl”…so my football career ended before it even started … luckily …)

I am the designated Watergirl, or as Jack so subtly put it, “The Water Bitch!” … yes, I’m hopeful that I’ll get to play, and kick some balls … preferably his. So if you guys reading this are itching (to put on your very short shorts) to join our new Futsal team, please contact any of us for more details. We hope to get the balls rolling very soon … (insert eye-roll if you think this is too corny)

Tan Eng Joo

(This post is for Alan…and everyone else who miss my silly top notes on Facebook)

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