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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nov it shall be! 20 Nov 2009. Here's why ....

Ok ... voting aside - although the blog voted to have the next meet in Dec, we have thought that it might be better in Nov ...

  1. Begining of school hols, not many of us would have left Singapore for our Annual (bi-annual, even quarterly) holidays :)
  2. Availability of the rooms.
  3. {put whatever reasons that suits u} ;-)

But seriously, the dates in Nov are 19 (Thurs), 20 (Fri) and 26 (Thurs).

19 Thurs -
pro: not much family commitments
con: Fri is a work day, people want to leave early

20 Fri
pro: nothing on sat, can stay late and have nice long chats
con: family nights for some families.

26 Thurs (eve of Hari Raya Haji)
pro: Fri is a holiday
con: Fri is a holiday! Long weekends and school holidays so families may want to skip town.

So I guess, Firday 20 Nov is set - pending the decision of the location. Mark that date in yr diaries/PDAs/Oulook/Yahoo/google calendars - It's time to PAR-TAY! ;-)

Alan Fu

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