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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ACS OBA Members' Night ... well almost!

I must say that Class of '81 had the the biggest turn-on ... errr turn-out last night! ;-)

It was truly a night to let our hair down and meet a cross-section of old-boys from Class of 58 to the younger generation of the 90s. The President of the OBA, Benson Phua was there and spent some time with us to share his hope of having new-blood to join the association and also ways to keep the OBA current.

Ideas were thrown to get a Web2.0-like interface (ok ok ... cut the jargon ... Facebook-like screens) to update the current ... that way we can connect with other ACSians past and present to enhance the possibilities of generating synergy amongst ourselves.

Well ... all that aside, we had bak-pau, char-siew pau, siew-mai and lor-mai-kai ;-) with Beer to wash it down.

As the evening wore on, Benson was hoping to get another OBA Member's night going towards the year end. He also said that he might 'piggy-back' on our groups gathering venue cum dinner .... so .... watch for it!

How about moving our "annual" gathering to Nov/Dec instead of CNY '10? Or maybe ... how about another gathering in Jan/Feb 2010? So, Fabian ... get yr fingers & mouse moving and create a poll for us ;-)

C ya!
Alan Fu
PS: why "almost"? I think a number of us are not members of the OBA! ha ha! ;-)


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