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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gustav Mahler's 3rd Symphony for the Children of Aids

Now what in the world would that have to do with ACSS class of 81??!! I am sure some of you may ask. Technically speaking ... nothing. In fact, this shud go into a blog entry for ACJS (or ACSJ as it is now called) ... unfortunately ... I do not have a blog for that :(

So to those who were from ACJS, dig up your old memories back to 1977 - a little boy named P George Matthew played the violin with piano accompaniment on Founder's day. Soon after that, he left us and headed to the US.

Today, he is an activist in the area of charity performance in the world of Classical Music. He has been touted as the Bono (U2) or Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) - remember Band Aid or Live Aid? Songs like Do they know it Christmas/Feed the World! I believe that as time pass on ... he may be in the list of Nobel Prize Winners :D

Well comming up this Monday 12 Jan 2009 he will be conducting Gustav Mahler's 3rd Symphony in this massive orchestra and choir for the Children of Aids.

So guys ... if you like to know more ... do click on

For a photo shot of him and an interview with George (in 2007) is here on the NYMagazine (when he did a concert for the children in Sudan):

Alan Fu
PS: George has been in my Facebook friend list for a while now and we have been in touch. I am truly touched by his heart for charity

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